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We are Praga Web Studio –  an IT company  specializing in customer and consumer focused business solutions:

Web Application Development

Backend, frontend, API development and DevOps

Mobile Development

Flutter and native iOS and Android development

Development as a Service

Your exclusive team of stylish geeks!

Platform integrations

Plug your company to existing solutions

All our Services

We offer a vast range of IT services critical to your digital success.

Our team of professionals combines passion and dedication with skills and experience to deliver to you cutting edge technology and solutions.

We develop smart web and mobile applications, which can combine local and cloud data.

We create & integrate advanced and scalable business applications. We support the automation of your company processes to let your employees provide their real expertise by saving them the hassle and time of manually following long established procedures.

Solutions Integration
Web Development
Mobile App Development
Tailored Solution Development
IT Strategy Consulting
Startup Consulting
Support & Maintenance
Cloud Infrastructure

Our Heroes

We are proud and thankful to have taken part in the development of different software architectures for these amazing companies, among others…

Our Process

Every step of our process is optimized using the DMAIC (Define -> Measure -> Analyze -> Improve -> Control) optimization cycle.

Our agile method is milestone-based, so you will be able to benchmark our delivery performance in accordance to plans. Each milestone is built out of one or more two-week Sprints, which encapsulate all our daily tasks to complete the upcoming milestone.



Requirements gathering phase where all use cases and scenarios are defined in order to perform an adequate quotation and further system analysis. The objective is to understand your objectives.

Flight Plan

Analysis, Concept & Plan

Data layers definition, integrations analysis, data model set-up, use cases, tools selection, environment setup, sprint and milestones planning.

Boarding & Taxi

Integration & Development

With the plan in place, our super-powered development team's assembles it to make it a reality.


Test & Launch

This phase consists of internal QA and testing, soft-launch, documentation creation & trainings, content migration and finally deployment.

You're flying!

Measurements and optimizations

Your project is live and already maximizing your ROI.


Maintenance & Enhancement

This phase includes project maintenance and improvements. To analyze new enhancements and improvements, we apply the same processes and work methodologies as before.



How we differ from our competition and what are the benefits for you.

Multiple timezones

Resources in multiple timezones - we works while u sleep. Ability to handle projects that span many timezones. Speed

Quality Partners

Carefully selected solution partners with tested yet modern and innovative products with huge impact.

IT & Business

Multidisciplinary team combining both the IT skills and significant business experience. We speak both IT and business languages.

Featured Product

Skillsboard.io, artificial and collective intelligence for accurate Skill Management

SkillsBoard is an innovative talent and skills management solution that combines collective and artificial intelligence. SkillsBoard is also a universal and certifying skills passport that supports employees’ development throughout their entire working life. Collective intelligence enhances skills and talent management connecting employees, companies and third-party evaluators (trainer, teacher, tutor, peer, customer, machine…), ensuring reliable and objective HR data. Artificial intelligence offers predictive models, smart recommendations and personalized follow-up in order to best support each user in their choices and decisions. Finally, the skills passport allows your company to increase its employees’ engagement while providing a truly unique experience.

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